Entrepreneurship Badges

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Trailblazer Entrepreneurship Badge Building the entrepreneur mindset through creative thinking and creative output.
Tiny Tycoon
Tiny Tycoon Entrepreneurship Badge Learning the basics of business, marketing, sales, and technology.


Go Getter
Subscription Content Developing creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset.
Stellar Seller
Stellar Seller Entrepreneurship Badge Learning the basics of marketing and sales while building technological skills.
Born To Lead
Subscription Content Building leadership, teamwork, problem solving, strategy, and goal setting skills.
Biz Wiz
Subscription Content Running a business and building negotiation and accounting skills.


Business Brain
Subscription Content Encouraging and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.
Outside The Box
Subscription Content Developing creative thought, ingenuity, and inventiveness.
First To Market
Subscription Content Developing sales and marketing skills.
Techie Entrepreneurship Badge Increasing computer literacy and developing technological skills.
Fearless Leader
Subscription Content Building leadership, teamwork, time management, strategy and communication skills.
No Guts No Glory
Subscription Content Business planning, running a business and completing accounting for the business.


Executive Mind
Subscription Content Learning advanced business ideas, and attitudes to develop the entrepreneurial mindset.
Disruptive Innovator
Subscription Content Encouraging creative thought, inventiveness, ingenuity and creative problem solving.
Pitch Perfect
Subscription Content Learning advanced marketing and sales skills.
Tech Ninja
Subscription Content Developing advanced computer literacy and technological abilities.
Leader Of The Pack
Leader Of The Pack Entrepreneurship Badge Learning advanced leadership, teamwork, planning and communication skils.
Subscription Content Starting and running a business. Doing accounting and making deals.

Final Challenge

Subscription Content Proving you have what it takes to be a CEO.