Financial Literacy Badges

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Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy
Gain experience in money concepts, budgeting, use of credit cards, financial planning and more...

Only 19 more badges until you've mastered Financial Literacy


Coin Counter
Coin Counter Financial Literacy Badge Learning the basics of coins and money. Developing basic math skills.
Ins And Outs Of Money
Ins and Outs of Money Financial Literacy Badge Introducing the concepts of making and spending money.
Penny Pincher
Penny Pincher Financial Literacy Badge Getting started with saving and banking.


Dollars And Sense
Subscription Content Learning what money is and how to use it.
Money Bags
Subscription Content Learning how to make and manage money.
Brainy Banker
Subscription Content Learning about banking, saving, interest and loans.
Smart Shopper
Smart Shopper Financial Literacy Badge Learning about smart shopping, budgeting, and sales tax.


Fiscally Fearless
Subscription Content Increasing understanding of how money works and advancing math skills.
In The Money
Subscription Content Learning to make and manage money.
Bank On It
Subscription Content Learning about banking, saving, credit cards, and loans.
Bargain Hunter
Subscription Content Learning how to shop smart, protect from consumer fraud and budget.
Buy Low Sell High
Buy Low Sell High Financial Literacy Badge Exploring the concepts of investing and interest.
Death And Taxes
Subscription Content Developing an understanding of taxes.


Show Me The Money
Subscription Content Becoming financially independent. Developing good money attitudes and habits.
Debits And Credits
Subscription Content Understanding higher level banking concepts and the ins and outs of credit and loans.
Crafty Consumer
Subscription Content Creating and sticking to a budget and being a smart consumer.
Beat The Street
Subscription Content Developing a deeper understanding of investing.
Financially Fit
Financially Fit Financial Literacy Badge Building confidence with financial planning.

Final Challenge

Subscription Content Proving you have what it takes to be a CFO.