ObjectiveTo teach children about online banking and to help them keep track of their money.
Description Bankaroo

Bankaroo is a virtual bank which is stacked with features for both you and your children. 

Features for parents:

  • You can set recurring payments into your child's virtual account. So if you give a weekly, monthly or seasonal allowance you can have that automatically deposited into your child's virtual account. This makes it very easy for you to be prompt and consistent with allowance payments. 
  • You can enter payments for gift money or for money your child earns on their own.
  • You can set up separate child accounts for each of your children.
  • You can update your child's account from an iphone. So if your child wants to make a purchase you can see if they have enough money and then enter the withdrawal while in the store.


Features for children:

  • Children can see their bank balance, they can see what money is going in and keep track of their purchases.
  • They earn badges for setting and accomplishing goals.
  • There is a bar graph that shows how close they are to achieving their saving goals.


You are not actually depositing money into the account, rather this is an attractive, user-friendly and accessible online bank book. Bankaroo is free and so is the app (which can be found in the istore).  

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