Banking Bingo

ObjectiveA fun game for kids to improve their financial literacy.
Description Bingo

Through this version of Bingo, you will be introduced to different financial terms.


1. Print off the list of financial terms and bingo cards from the BMO website. Cut out the bingo cards and give one to each participant. There are only four bingo cards, so you can't have more than four players. You will also need felt pens, plastic place markers or bingo dabbers. 

2. Hand out the bingo cards and the markers or bingo dabbers. 

3. Assign someone to be the "caller", or you could take on this role.

4. Have the caller read out the financial terms and their definitions in a random order. When the terms are called, the players will mark off the squares on their cards.

5. Keep playing until one person has a completed line and calls BINGO! Then you could continue playing until one of the players has an X through the middle of their card, has all of the straight lines on the outside of their card filled in or they have a black-out (has crossed out all of the terms on their card). 

6. Once you have finished the game go over the list of terms and their definitions. If there are words that you still don't understand, ask someone about them or look them up online.   


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have played the banking bingo game and understand most of the banking vocabulary in the game.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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BMO SmartSteps for Parents Banking Bingo Game- Templates

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