Blindfolded Farmer

ObjectiveTo build children's verbal communication and leadership skills.
Description Blind Folded Farmer

You will need a group of people to complete the Blindfolded Farmer game.


1. Gather some vegetables (plastic vegetables or pictures of vegetables would work too) and distribute them around the room or space where the game will take place.

2. You will need baskets and blindfolds for you participants. 

3. Put children or participants into pairs (adults can play too). Establish a time limit and explain the rules.

4. One partner puts on a blindfold and the other verbally guides them to the vegetables which are then put into the basket. The guiding partner is not allowed to touch the blindfolded partner he/she must use verbal communication only!

5. The team that gathers the most vegetables in the time allotted wins. You can re-distribute the vegetables and have the participant switch roles if you would like.




Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have played blind folded farmer at least once.

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  1. MiaMia says:

    Great fun! With explanation time, it took about 30mins... but it could have gone on longer! 

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