Brainstorming Ideas: Level 1

ObjectiveTo brainstorm ideas
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Showing your kids how to Brainstorm is key to their independence, decision making abilities, problem solving abilities and creativity. Choose one of the following topics and work with your child to brainstorm ideas.

Possible Brainstorm Topics:

1. What to do because they are bored.

2. What to make for dinner.

3. What movie to watch.

4. If they owned a zoo what animals would they have?

5. Where to go on vacation?

6. Things to do when it's snowing.

7. Things to do when it's hot.

8. Things to do that don't cost money.

9. Things to do in the car.

Use the following activity to brainstorm ideas:


piece of paper, a pen, a highlighter, and a timer.


1. Choose a topic for brainstorming with your child.

2. Take the piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle of the paper (or print out a mind map worksheet - see attachments section).

3. Write the topic you are brainstorming in the circle in the middle then draw several lines radiating from the center. At the end of each line put another small circle.

4. Tell your children that you will be brainstorming with them for two minutes, they can shout out suggestions and you will write them down. No idea is to silly/crazy but you may want to guide them to more practical ideas if they get too far off track.

5. Set the timer for two minutes, they give suggestions (you can give some too) and you write them down.

6. When the time is up read out the suggestions, if your kids don't like the suggestion - cross it out, if they kind of like it circle it, if they really like the suggestion highlight it.

7. Choose the solution from the suggestions that you highlighted and then go and do the activity you have come up with (if appropriate).  


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when your child has created one brainstorm.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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