Coin Worksheets

ObjectiveTeach kids to recognize different coins and practice basic money counting skills.
Description Coins

Print off these worksheets (Basic Coin, Money Matching, Counting Money and Money Amount Matching) and complete them. 

You will match up coins to their value/worth, names of coins to their images, as well as add up the worth of coins pictured.


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Age Range 6    7    8    9    10   
Activity Type Worksheet
Tags Logical-Mathematical Intelligence  Money  Counting 
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Kids Learning Station Click on each money worksheet  to get a printable version.

Questions or Comments

  1. EmmaHEmmaH says:

    A great idea- the only issue I found is that my 10 year old lacked interest because it was too much 'work' than fun. 

  2. MiaMia says:

    More enjoyable by my 7 year old than my 10 year old. Definite learning experience/ great for reviewing/ reiterating but seemed to lack in the 'fun' or enjoyable aspect. 

  3. CindyCindy says:

    Other options for more fun coin games include the change game and bank it! I think you will agree that kids will find these to be a lot more fun than a worksheet!

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