Coupon Binder

ObjectiveTo help kids learn to save money by organizing coupons into their own coupon binder.
Description Coupon Binder

One very easy way to save money is to use coupons. Because coupons are difficult to keep track of it is recommended that you organize them into a coupon binder.


1. Get a binder and some plastic page protectors (the ones used for collecting playing cards will work well).

2. Go through the newspaper, flyers or go to a coupon website. Superstore usually has a wall full of coupons as you enter the store.

3. Clip or print coupons that are of interest. You could have a specific shopping trip in mind and clip coupons for that trip.

4. Organize the coupons into a binder.

5. Re-organize the binder often making sure to discard any expired coupons in the process.


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