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ObjectiveTo familiarize kids with advertising.
Description Advertisement Advertisement

Create a magazine ad for an invention, innovation or product that you have come up with.  


1. Take a look at some magazine advertisements and think about what makes an ad effective. Identify an ad that you like and list three or four things you like about it (i.e. do you like the colors, the picture, the model etc.)

2. Get some blank paper, crayons, pencil crayons, stickers and glue. Or set up the computer to create your ad.

3. Sketch out you ad and think about what you would like to have where. What text is going to go in your advertisement? What images would you like to include? Who is going to buy your product (How old are they? How can you appeal to your customers? What things do your customers have in common?)?

4. Create your advertisement.



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Mark this activity as complete when you have created at least one advertisement.

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This is an article about how to make an effective magazine ad.

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This article includes several ideas that your kids can use to market their own inventions or innovations.

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