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ObjectiveTo have children come up with a slogan for an invention or innovation of their own.
Description Famous Slogan

Create a slogan for an invention or innovation that you have come up with.


1. Think about what makes a good slogan and what makes it effective/memorable.

2. List slogans you hear all the time and talk with friends or family about why you like these slogans or why you don't like them. Discuss what makes a good slogan.

3. Then brainstorm ideas for slogans that fit with a product or service you have created.

4. Narrow down your list by discussing the pros and cons of each possible slogan with friends or family.



Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have made up one original slogan and you have talked with a friend or family member about what makes a good slogan.

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This article is about developing a winning advertising slogan.

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