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ObjectiveTo educate kids about credit cards and to encourage good habits and responsible use of credit.
Description Credit Cards

Credit Cards can be a very useful tool, but they can also be very dangerous. Take the time to learn about credit cards and how to use them responsibly.


1. Discuss credit cards with your friends or family. Ask them what they know about credit cards and how they feel about credit cards. There are a few credit card games listed below. Play one of them with your friends or family.

2. Talk to friends and family about the positives and negatives to owning a credit card. How can it be used as a tool? How can it be damaging? Research credit cards online, what are the experts saying about credit cards?

3. How do people get in trouble with credit? Look at a couple of retailer credit cards (like the Best Buy master card). How much interest are they typically charging? What are they doing to attract people to get their card (special offers, no interest/payment periods, discounts)? Why do you think that retailers are trying so hard to get you hooked on credit? 

4. Talk with your parents about getting a low limit or pre-paid card, this is a good way for you to build good credit habits in later life. Habits such as being a balance payer, not missing payments or having late payments, not ignoring the debt and so on.

Credit Games:

1. Charge Large: This Hasbro Board Game teaches kids how to borrow strategically and pay back quickly. The winner of the game earns a credit limit of $2500 and has no debt.

2. Wells Fargo Stage Coach Island: This is an online role playing game where kids and teens create an avatar and enter into a  role playing game which teaches smart money management. Just a warning it is Wells Fargo promotional material, so there is a lot of Wells Fargo agenda pushing. 

3. Bad Credit Hotel: This online game is very cheesy, but it has good information about debt and credit. It might be fun to play as a family. (hook your laptop up to a TV, gather around and try to escape the bad debt hotel)



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