Debate It!

ObjectiveTo teach children how to look at an issue from all angles and to encourage their public speaking skills.
Description Debate

Host a debate for your friends or family. This will help you to develop your problem solving abilities, creativity and public speaking skills. 


1. Choose a topic. Possible topics could include:

  • Should there be school uniforms?
  • Should we test products on animals?
  • Is television bad for children?
  • Should cell phones be allowed in schools?
  • Do teenagers today have more problems than teenagers thirty years ago?


2. Gather a small group of people (4-6 is good, try to keep it an even number). You will need one extra person or a couple of people to time the debates and to decide who wins the debate.

3. Divide your group into teams and assign sides randomly (one team is for the topic in question, and one team is against it).

4. Give a couple of minutes for each team to discuss the topic and come up with an argument.

5. Get a timer and set it for two minutes. Have the side that is in favor present their argument first. The opposite team takes notes while they talk. Then the team that is against presents and the other team takes notes.

6. Once both teams have presented their opening arguments they meet again to discuss their counter arguments.

7. Set the timer again for one minute and have each side present their counter arguments.

8. After they have presented their counter arguments give a couple of minutes for everyone to wrap up their arguments. 

9. Have each side present their conclusions and restate the best points in their arguments. Give about 30 seconds to one minute to wrap up.

10. Wrap up by discussing the debate. Who brought up good points? What do they actually believe on the topic? Why do they feel this way?

The debates will become more interesting, smooth and comprehensive with repetition.

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