ObjectiveTo introduce kids to web development.
Description HTML Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is an application where you can design web pages through source code and/or in a visual layout mode. Have create a personal website dedicated to your personal/financial goals, inventions or innovations, and/or business ideas.

Link your pages together and publish your site. Get a friend or a family member to teach you new things and help you to modify the site often. Try to create more and more complex websites and experiment with Javascript and CSS.

There are many reference guides for Dreamweaver and there are video tutorials available through Lynda.com or Adobe TV. There are also online forums in which Kids can get information on this program.

Mark As Complete:

Mark this activity as complete when you have created and published at least one website using dreamweaver.

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Activity Type Project
Tags Logical-Mathematical Intelligence  Computer Literacy  Spatial Intelligence 
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Wikipedia Here is a Wikipedia post about Dreamweaver .

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