Egg Drop Project

ObjectiveTo teach kids how to be innovative by creating a container that will hold an egg and keep it from breaking when dropped from a height.
Description Egg Drop Egg Drop

Following a set of rules, you will create a contraption that is durable enough to hold an egg dropped from a certain height. You must be creative and innovative in building this egg-contraption as it must weigh a certain amount, be a certain height and use certain materials and still do it's job of keeping the egg from breaking.

Here are some the rules for your egg drop project:

  • The egg and its contraption must hit the ground.
  • No balloons or parachutes are allowed.
  • The egg and the project must weigh less than 200 grams. ( the average egg weighs 50 grams)
  • Only raw, store bought chicken eggs; size medium or larger may be used. You may NOT soak the egg in vinegar.
  • Your egg project must fit on a regular size sheet of paper. (note that it may be 3 ft high and still fit on the paper)
  • Your egg project must have an opening the size of my pinky finger where i can see a portion of the egg.
  • You may not use nerf balls, pillows, or stuffed animals to protect your egg.
  • Once a project has hit the ground it will your responsibility to retrieve your egg and show it to the score keeper for scoring.


Have Fun!!!!

Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have successfully created a contraption which has kept your egg safe during the drop.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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