Grocery Store Field Trip

ObjectiveTo familiarize children with the concepts of budgeting, saving and spending.
Description Shopping

Going to the Grocery Store is a great opportunity to teach your children about budgeting and spending.


1. Before you leave the house, work with your kids to create a grocery list. (You could have them make individual lists or make one big list as a group and then divide it up)

2. Get the kids to estimate how much they will need in order to purchase the items on their list. Record their estimations at the top of their list.

3. At the store have your children gather the items on their list. As you are going through the aisles talk with them about sales and name brand vs. generic brands. Encourage them to try to save money.

4. At home have the kids total up the price of their items and see how close they came to their estimation.

Note: You could make this into a competition, "Whoever get closest to their estimation gets __________" and/or "Whoever saves the most money gets _____________". Possible rewards could include, a sticker on their chart, choosing what to eat on take-out night, choosing the movie on movie night etc. 


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Mark this activity as complete when you children demonstrate an understanding of how to save money, spend wisely and create a budget.

Track your progress and earn badges!

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This is an article on how to teach your children budgeting.

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