Marshmallow Tower

ObjectiveTo encourage innovation, creativity, teamwork and strategy in kids.
Description Marsh Mallow Tower

Work as individuals or in teams to create the tallest, free-standing, structure you can using mini marshmallows and tooth picks.


1. Get a bag or two of mini marshmallows and a couple packages of tooth picks. You will also need a meter stick or a ruler to measure the towers at the end of the time limit.

2. Gather a small group of people together, divide them into teams, and explain that they will have 5-20 minutes to create a free standing tower using mini marshmallows and tooth picks. Tallest tower wins. set a time limit (about 10 - 30 minutes)

3. When the time is up measure the structures.

4. Think about the building process. What worked and what would you do differently next time. If you feel like you could do better and you have enough materials try it again.

Here is a Marshmallow Tower lesson plan.


Complete When

Mark this activity as complete when you have completed at least one marshmallow and toothpick tower.

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