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ObjectiveTo build kids leadership skills by encouraging them to plan, organize and lead an event.
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Getting a group of people together and doing an activity takes organization, communication and planning. All of these skills are an important part of being a good leader. Here are some ideas of events/activities you could organize.

Quick and Easy:

- organize a group to go to the movies

- organize a fashion show or skit at a family gathering

- organize a group to go garage sale shopping


More Time and Planning Needed:

- plan and host a party.

- organizing a performance or fashion show.

- visiting an attraction or theme park.

- organizea group to build something or fix something.


More Complex and Time Consuming (but fun!):

- plan a neighborhood talent show

- plan a skateboard competition

- plan a dance recital


1. Decide what event you are planning.

2. Talk to a few of your friends and ask them if they will help you to organize your event. Choose a day and time that will work for everyone in your group.

3. Decide who your would like to invite. Create and hand out invitations.

4. Figure out if you will sell admission to your event or if it will be free. You may also consider donating the money to a cause or to neighborhood improvement.

5. Decide what materials, props, decorations, and equipment you will need for your event. Find out where to rent, borrow or buy the materials that you need.

6. Advertise and promote your activity.

7. Host your activity!


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Mark this activity as complete when your have planned and hosted one activity.

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