Stone Soup

ObjectiveTo teach kids important lessons about being an entrepreneur and creating a buzz around their product.
Description Stone Soup


Stone Soup is an old folktale about a soldier who returns from war and comes up with an innovative way to get fed. He simply asks the town for a stone, pot and a pot full of water. The soldier puts the pot of water on the fire and gets it simmering, then he drops in the stone. While he is creating his soup he sniffs the water and makes a big deal about how excited he is to taste this wonderful soup. The village gets very interested in what this crazy soldier is up to and so they all crowd around. Still making a fuss about his soup, the soldier begins making suggestions for how the soup could be made better - a little salt, some vegetables, some meat etc. Pretty soon all of the villagers have contributed some ingredients for a rich and nourishing soup which he shares with everyone.

Lessons from the story:

1. How to create a market buzz, instead of just begging for food the beggar gets people interested in the concept of the magic soup. He gets people interested and excited about it before he asks for donations.

2. Creating something from nothing. The soldier came up with a creative solution to his hunger and it didn't cost him a thing.

3. Giving back to the community. The soldier shares his final creation with the community, solving his problem while helping other people at the same time.

4. It also teaches creative problem solving. The soldier took a different approach to a common problem and created the most positive solution for all involved.

Where can you get the book?:

There are many versions of this story and here are a few of them:

1. Stone Soup by Jess Stockham

2. Stone Soup by Anne Mcgovern

3. Stone Soup By John J. Muth


There is also a version of the story in Jim Henson's the Story Teller. Stone soup is the first part of the episode entitled "A Short Story". The Story Teller is on Netflix.

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Business Insider Here is a blog post entitled "How to parent and Entrepreneur ". It gives some parenting ideas about how to encourage your child's entrepreneurial skills. It also uses the "Stone Soup" story to help you encourage your children's skills.

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