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ObjectiveTo build children's communication, leadership and public speaking skills.
Description Karate Kick

When your child does particularly well at something get them to teach you how to do it. Their achievement could be in any area, but here are some examples of things that you could have your children teach you:

1. How to do a move in Martial Arts

2. How to do a cartwheel, somersault, or handstand

3. How to draw a house, tree, face or animal

4. How to do something on the computer

5. How to make a craft


1. Compliment your child on their achievement. Use language like, "Wow, Sally that was a really cool PowerPoint presentation. I like how your did _____________."

2. Get them to demo the activity.

3. Get them to show you again but have them verbally break it down into steps - first I do this, next I do this etc.

4. Try and do the activity following the steps. Purposely get a few things wrong and get your children to correct you. Ask questions like "Am I doing __________ right?"

5. Turn the activity into a fun competition. For example who can do the most cartwheels in a row? Or who can create the flashiest, most creative PowerPoint?

Your kids will love that you are taking an interest in the things they do well at, and they will take it as a huge compliment that you want to do things as well as them. This activity is very good for your relationship with your children!


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