The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

ObjectiveTo learn about achieving saving goals, investing, as well as smart ways to spend and save money.
Description Disney's Great Piggy Bank Adventure

This one or multi-player virtual board game is brought to you by Disney. Players move around a game board, earn truffles, answer financial trivia questions and complete challenges. 

Important terms and concepts covered in this game include:

  • Setting and achieving saving goals
  • Spending wisely
  • Investing
  • Inflation


There is a help section and a glossary to help players understand the key terms used in the game as well as to help them with strategy in the challenges.

There are three levels and during each level players select a saving goal and are given a new piggy bank to keep their money in. Once they have more than one piggy bank they can transfer some of their savings into other banks to take advantage of the interest rates on each bank. The amount of interest they earn on each bank varies but is frequently reported in a newspaper that pops up called "The General Interest".

Players are also given opportunities to purchase items in the store. However the shop keeper will also give participants chances to win store items by correctly answering questions.

This game is fun, entertaining, beautifully illustrated and a great source of financial information!


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Mark this activity as complete when your children have played the game through to completion at least once and demonstrate understanding of some of the financial concepts introduced during play.

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