Announcing TrueSmarts Academy - Teaching Kids Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship one Badge at a Time

Cindy Posted Mar 12, 2013
by Cindy

We are very excited to announce the arrival of TrueSmarts Academy!

This engaging new platform makes it easier than ever for you to provide your kids with an opportunity to learn and develop their financial literacy skills and entrepreneurial attitudes.

From day one, we’ve worked hard to provide you with Activities that would help you cultivate confident, outgoing, creative, and well-rounded children.

With TrueSmarts Academy, we have handpicked some of our already fantastic activities and organized them into two streams: Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. Within these two streams, we’ve created a series of progressive badges that your children can now earn as they complete activities. Once they have earned all of the badges within a stream, you can rest assured knowing that they have acquired a solid foundation in the subjects and gained valuable experience.

TrueSmarts Academy

You can continue to work, hand in hand with your kids completing activities, however, with the introduction of TrueSmarts Academy, kids are now able to choose and complete activities on their own schedule.

You’ll also be better equipped to monitor their progress and provide assistance when necessary.

Sign up today and give your kids the advantage of financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

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