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Rich Kid Smart Kid

Cindy Posted Aug 23, 2012
by Cindy

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, wrote Rich Kid Smart Kid in order to help parents teach their children financial lessons that are not taught in schools. Kiyosaki helps you empower your children to increase their financial IQ, secure their financial future, and side step the rat race.

Rich Kid Smart Kid

Rich Kid Smart Kid has a companion website,, which offers several online games and lots of resources for you to either direct your kids and teens towards or to work through as a family.

This Book's Impact on TrueSmarts:

We agree that there is a glaring gap in our education system with regards to financial learning, so TrueSmarts offers a multitude of activities around Kyosaki's key concepts, and have included this book as one of our most important resources.

Here are some TrueSmarts activities which are based on the Rich Kid Smart Kid book:


Other useful and inspiring titles by Richard Kiyosaki include:


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