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Business Brained Kids: Encouraging Entrepreneurial Skills In Your Kids

TrueSmarts Posted Apr 12, 2013
by TrueSmarts

Encourage your little entrepreneurs by helping them develop the ability to think creatively, never give up and spot a business opportunity. This article, by TrueSmarts editor Cindy Duffin, gives you invaluable insights as well as practical ideas for how to develop your kids' business brain. 

Business Kids

 Finished reading the article and want more? Take a look at the Entrepreneurship stream in TrueSmarts Academy. There are hundreds more fantastic, fun, and hands on business activities for kids, which will help them to learn key business skills such as leadership, creativity, organization, time management, sales, marketing and so much more. Your kids will get to earn points, collect badges and begin building their business brain!

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Announcing TrueSmarts Academy - Teaching Kids Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship one Badge at a Time

Cindy Posted Mar 12, 2013
by Cindy

We are very excited to announce the arrival of TrueSmarts Academy!

This engaging new platform makes it easier than ever for you to provide your kids with an opportunity to learn and develop their financial literacy skills and entrepreneurial attitudes.

From day one, we’ve worked hard to provide you with Activities that would help you cultivate confident, outgoing, creative, and well-rounded children.

With TrueSmarts Academy, we have handpicked some of our already fantastic activities and organized them into two streams: Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. Within these two streams, we’ve created a series of progressive badges that your children can now earn as they complete activities. Once they have earned all of the badges within a stream, you can rest assured knowing that they have acquired a solid foundation in the subjects and gained valuable experience.

TrueSmarts Academy

You can continue to work, hand in hand with your kids completing activities, however, with the introduction of TrueSmarts Academy, kids are now able to choose and complete activities on their own schedule.

You’ll also be better equipped to monitor their progress and provide assistance when necessary.

Sign up today and give your kids the advantage of financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

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RSS Feeds For Are Now Available

Rob Posted May 4, 2012
by Rob

RSS Feeds for

We're happy to announce that you can now get timely updates about TrueSmarts' latest content through the following  RSS feeds:


In addition to using your favorite RSS Reader to subscribe to a feed, all of TrueSmarts' feeds also have the ability to deliver updates by email.


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The Story Behind - a Website to Enrich Kid's Financial Literacy, Leadership Skills, Emotional Intelligence and more

Rob Posted Apr 23, 2012
by Rob


In this inaugural blog post, I wanted to share the inspiration behind the site.

The idea for came as a result of the intersection of two events in my life: choosing a school for my daughter and the reading of Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers.

Children building a house and having fun

Choosing the Perfect School

I have two kids, and the oldest was about to enter grade one. My wife and I were trying to decide which school we were going to enroll our daughter in. We needed to determine whether to continue with her current Montessori school, send her to  the public school that is walking distance from our house, or choose one of the many charter and private schools in our city.

It was this decision that caused me to ask myself the question "what knowledge and skills do I want my daughter to possess as a result of her education?" I was confident that any one of the schools would provide a quality foundation in reading, writing, mathematics, and the other subjects defined within a typical curriculum. However, as an entrepreneur, I started to reflect on the knowledge and skills that I currently possess that I wish I'd had a better grasp on as a child.  I then realized that regardless of what school option we chose, none of them would provide a comprehensive foundation in the knowledge and skills of the working world.

Knowledge and skills such as:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Management
  • Investing
  • Introspection
  • Business Ownership
  • and so many more that I have found invaluable!


The True Story of Success

The other event that occurred at the same time as this insight was the reading of Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers, The Story of Success. The book argues that success is not just about innate ability, but rather, ability combined with a number of key factors such as opportunity, meaningful hard work (10,000 hours to gain mastery), and your cultural legacy.

The Birth of

In a moment of clarity, I realized that my wife and I could provide our kids with what I perceived as a meaningful advantage if we could actively cultivate knowledge and skills of the working world through opportunity and meaningful hard work.

I began searching the internet for anything that could help us in our new found mission. I quickly discovered that there is an incredible abundance of useful articles, games and resources for parents and children that touch upon the knowledge and skills that I was after.

But a new problem emerged: it was incredibly time consuming to locate relevant resources, evaluate their potential contribution, and then convert them into meaningful lessons or activities I could share with my children. I needed a mechanism to aggregate the content, and then quickly sort, categorize and filter what was important to me and my family. I needed a site which would provide quick access to impactful activities which would help me teach my kids key skills at opportune moments while keeping it fun. My wife and I also desired an active community of like-minded parents and children with whom we could pool our efforts . A forum where we could swap ideas about what approaches seem to work, other ways to approach a topic as well as to point us toward previously unknown books, videos, games or websites. But this kind of community was also nowhere to be seen.

After failing to find anything that came remotely close to fulfilling our needs, I decided to build a website to help not only my own family but other families that were  heading down the same path. Over the last 12 months, myself and the expert team I've assembled have been actively developing such a site.

I'm now very proud to lift the veil and finally announce the arrival of Through this site, we endeavour to enrich the entrepreneurial, financial, and business intelligence of children through games, crafts and other fun activities. Currently, the site has an ever-growing collection of activities presented in an easily digestible format. Activities are for kids and teens  aged 4 to 18, and each activity is categorized by age, type (craft, game, book, etc.) and tag (creativity, cash flow, communication, assets, stocks, time management, etc.).

Remember to check back with us because is ever-evolving and in the near future we plan to roll out some very exciting enhancements.

Thanks for reading,


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