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Good communication skills are crucial to your child's future success. It is important to teach kids how to communicate effectively in both spoken and written language. Kids who know how to communicate will be more confident and outspoken, will network better, and operate better in all social situations.

Good spoken communication includes giving instructions, delegating, defusing conflict, facilitating meetings, attending or giving interviews and giving presentations. It is also important that kids learn how to speak with adults or people in authority as well as ask good questions.

Good written communications includes e-mail etiquette, grammar, spelling as well as careful attention to the tone and context of written documents. It is also important to teach kids how to use different written language in different contexts. For example, texting acronyms belong in conversations with friends not in academic papers or memos to employees.

Great communicators are also great listeners who take the time to understand the needs of others and responds to those needs appropriately.

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