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Creativity isn't just needed for creating works of art, it is part of innovation, problem solving and invention. It is important to encourage your children's ability to imagine possibilities, to think ahead, to create things and make them better. After all where would business, technology and society be without creative thinkers?

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Activity Type Rating
Advanced Kids Business Business
All Terrain Brain Game
Basic Kids Business Business
Brainstorming Ideas: Level 1 Lesson
Brainstorming Ideas: Level 2 Project
Budget Bedroom Project
Circle Story Game
Coin Rubbing Craft
Create a Brochure Craft
Create A Logo Project  
Create a Magazine Ad Craft
Create a Plot Outline Project
Creative Children Lesson
Debate It! Presentation
Digital Brochure Craft
Egg Drop Project Project
Fashion Show Presentation
Homemade Piggy Bank Craft
Host an Event Business
Inventors Log or Journal Project
Make a Story Book Craft
Making a Movie Project
Making Your Own Money Craft
Marshmallow Tower Project
Movie in a Field Business
Mystery Craft Craft
Obstacle Course Project
Penny Boat Craft
Perform A Skit Presentation
Podcast or Youtube Video Presentation
Puppet Show Presentation
Pursuit of Happyness Video
Radio Show Presentation
Simple Kids Business Business
Stand Up Comedy Presentation
Stone Soup Book

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