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Innovation is the act of starting, introducing or making something new. A person who is innovative constantly asks questions to get at the root of why things work the way they do, as well as how we could make them better or meet a previously unmet need.

Innovative people possess the ability to assimilate knowledge from various areas of experience and apply that knowledge in unique ways. For example Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone, came up with the idea for a cell phone by watching an episode of Star Trek. He used his background knowledge of wireless communications and combined it with a desire to create a mobile communicator independent of wires and structures to bring something new to the market.

To teach kids to be innovative you need to encourage their individual interests and talents, then show them how to look for opportunities to contribute in the communities they are involved in, and lastly show them how to create items/systems/services that will meet the needs of the community. For example, your child is involved in baseball and notices that the parents in the stands seem cold. Encourage your child to offer a hot beverage service at games, or rent out blankets/cushions. 

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All Terrain Brain Game
Brainstorming Ideas: Level 1 Lesson
Brainstorming Ideas: Level 2 Project
Create an Invention or Innovation Project
Egg Drop Project Project
Inventors Log or Journal Project
Marshmallow Tower Project
Penny Boat Craft

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