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Interpersonal Intelligence is one of Howard Gardner's "multiple intelligences". Interpersonal Intelligence is the ability to effectively relate, communicate and interact with other people. People with highly developed interpersonal intelligence are good managers and leaders, net-workers, speakers and sales people. They can build a positive rapport with people quickly are likable and relate-able.

It is important to encourage your child's interpersonal intelligence because it will help him/her to be a more able communicator, relate and interact with their peers and superiors more effectively and to be accepted and liked in social situations.

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Activity Type Rating
Advanced Kids Business Business
Banker Talk Field Trip  
Basic Kids Business Business
Blindfolded Farmer Game
Cardboard Bank Game
Circle Story Game
Create an Invention or Innovation Project
Creating a Sales Pitch Presentation
Debate It! Presentation
Elevator Pitch Presentation
Family Meetings Routine
Fashion Show Presentation
Follow The Leader Game
Giving Good Customer Service Lesson
Good vs. Bad Customer Service Field Trip
Host an Event Business
Human Knot Game
Lemonade Stand Business
Marshmallow Tower Project
Movie in a Field Business
Obstacle Course Project
Podcast or Youtube Video Presentation
Puppet Show Presentation
Radio Show Presentation
Risk Taking Routine
Speak Up Presentation
Stand Up Comedy Presentation
Survey Lesson
Teach Me How Parental Behavior
That's Negotiable! Field Trip
The Five Whys Routine
Tongue Twister Presentation
Yertle the Turtle Book

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