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Marketing is the intentional increase of awareness of a product, service or website. This includes researching what demographic groups would be interested in the product, finding ways to reach the demographic, creating a plan to reach the key group of people and then implementing the plan or campaign. Marketing also includes building a relationship with consumers to create brand loyalty.

Common ways of marketing include e-mail campaigns, advertisement on paper, radio or TV, social media, blogs, web-sites, word of mouth, flyers or classified ads in newspapers or online. 

Kids can learn about marketing by discussing and researching what people would buy their products, how and where they can reach their potential customers, creating highly visible advertising and then evaluating how effective their campaign was and making improvements.

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Activity Type Rating
Advanced Kids Business Business
Basic Kids Business Business
Be Your Own Boss Game Game
Build A Website Project  
Create a Brochure Craft
Create A Logo Project  
Create a Magazine Ad Craft
Create a Slogan Lesson
Create an Invention or Innovation Project
Creating a Sales Pitch Presentation
Digital Brochure Craft
Elevator Pitch Presentation
Giving Good Customer Service Lesson
Good vs. Bad Commercials Lesson
Good vs. Bad Customer Service Field Trip
Host an Event Business
Stone Soup Book
Survey Lesson
SWOT Analysis Lesson

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