Activity Types

Type ↓ Description
Book A book that is either inspirational for you or fun to share with your kids.
Business A small business that your kids can create and operate.
Craft A craft that a child can create. Example: Making Money
Field Trip An outing with a child. Example: Visiting a bank to open a bank account
Game A game that a child can play. Example: Cashflow 4 Kids, Chess, etc.
Lesson Sitting down with a child and teaching them some knowledge. Example: 5 things innovative leaders do
Parental Behavior Nothing specifically is taught to a child, instead these are suggestions as to how parent may want to behave. Example: Don't say can't afford it
Presentation An activity where the child presents their final product in front of friends and family. For example, a sales pitch.
Project A project typically involves multiple activities of different types. Examples: Running a lemonade stand may require a field trip to the store, creating marketing materials, creating financial statements, etc.
Puzzle A puzzle that a child can work at. Example: Logic puzzles
Routine A periodic activity that is taught to a child, and that the child continues to practice. Example: Invoicing for allowance, calculating net worth every quarter, etc.
Song/Poem A song or poem a child can recite.
Video A movie or movie clip that could be used to teach a financial or entrepreneurial lesson.
Worksheet A printable worksheet with an activity for children to complete.